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Terms & Conditions


Willow Madison Ltd will not share or disclose to any third party, any personal
details supplied to us in the course of business except to provide any
financial institution with the necessary information to enable the provision of
a loan for purchase of the goods.



The Customer shall give access to the Company, our employees & workmen at
all reasonable times by prior appointment but in all cases within 10 weeks of
the date of signing the contract to enable the Company to complete the
installation in accordance with this Contract.



Willow Madison Ltd will endeavour to complete the work within a reasonable
period, this period will be notified to the customer prior to
installation.   Willow Madison Ltd shall not be liable for any delay
in the completion of the work to the extent that it arises from causes beyond
the reasonable control of the Company including shortages of materials,
modifications and alterations to the original designed plan,
strikes, lockouts and cessation of work by workmen. In any such cases the
Company will not be liable for ‘consequential losses’ arising from the delay
nor shall any payments be made for any such losses.



The price specified in the contract will remain fixed for 10 weeks from the
Contract date.  All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise
stated.  Any change from the current VAT rate will be applied at the date
of invoice, and be payable by the customer, or reduce the overall price as the
case may be.




All payments can be made by cash, credit card or bankers’ draft.   A deposit
of 50% of the total contract price is payable by the customer at the date of
placing the order.    Upon delivery of the furniture, a further 40%
balance is payable prior to the commencement of the installation and 10% on
completion and payment immediately of final invoice.   Where
customers are arranging their own loan, they must ensure the balance is
available on the installation date.


5b. In the event of payment not
being made on the due date, interest at the rate of 4% above Barclays Bank Base
rate will be charged to the Buyer on all outstanding money due, together with
any costs (debt collectors, legal fees etc) involved in the collection of the
outstanding money due.





Not Applicable





All furniture and appliances supplied remain the property of Willow Madison Ltd
until the balance is paid in full within 5 days of final invoice.



7a.) The material used in the construction of unit carcasses shall be 18mm
melamine faced chipboard unless otherwise specified in the contract. Door
materials shall differ depending upon the range selected. Willow Madison Ltd
operates a policy of continuous improvement to its products, and reserves the
right to make modifications to the specification which are either necessary or
desirable but all customers will be informed of any changes. While every
endeavour is made to ensure product colours and grains match, as wood and wood
products are naturally based, no guarantee can be made as to the matching of
those natural features.

7b.) The product arrangement shall be determined by the Company’s Technical
Surveyors in consultation with the customer. The arrangement in the technical
survey will supersede any design arrangements.



8a.) Willow Madison Ltd undertakes to repair or replace free of charge any
product manufactured by it which proves defective as a result of faulty
materials or workmanship within 12 months from the date of commencement of the
installation. Thereafter the materials will be covered for a further 9 years subject
to the terms of our Ten Year Guarantee. Willow Madison Ltd formal guarantee
certificate will be sent to the Customer upon receipt of the full contractual
balance.   Damage due to accident or misuse and faults of premature
deterioration resulting from the Customers failure to comply with the Company’s
maintenance instructions are not covered by this guarantee.

8b.)  Items supplied which are not manufactured by the Company including
all electrical or gas appliances, sinks and taps are subject to the suppliers
own after sales service and guarantee.


8c.)All other furniture and components (not
manufactured by Willow Madison Ltd), hinges, runners, handles, worktops, sinks,
taps, electrical and gas appliances will be subject to their manufacturer's own
after sales service and guarantee.



Willow Madison Ltd will not be responsible for any damage caused to plastering,
tiling or decoration resulting from the removal of existing furniture, fittings
or decorations save where such damage has been caused by the negligence of the
Company, its employees or agents. The Company accepts no responsibility for any
damage resulting from structural or other defects in the property at which the
installation is carried out.



10a.)  The Customer will have for a period of seven days from the date of
signing, the right to cancel, without penalty.   All such
cancellations must be notified to the company by serving written notice in
accordance with cancellation procedures set out in the contract.  
Where the balance of the sum due on completion is to be paid by Credit
Agreement arranged by the Company, such Contracts are subject to the relevant
Consumer Credit Legislation.

10b)  Willow Madison Ltd reserves the right to cancel the Contract, and
all money paid by the Customer will be refunded, upon receipt of a survey
report unsatisfactory to the Company, provided such cancellation is effected
within ten days of receipt of such a report.

10c) Without prejudice to its right to claim damages for breach of Contract,
the Company may, at its sole discretion in appropriate cases, agree to the
cancellation of a Contract, which the Purchaser has no right to cancel, upon
payment to the Company of all expenses incurred by it prior to the date of
cancellation, such expenses being subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

10d) Where the Customer has the right to cancel within the agreed period
subject to conditions in section 10(a) above, the company will agree to
cancellation upon payment of any expenses occurred by the company within that
period relating to the contract between the Company and the Customer.



Willow Madison Ltd shall be responsible for ensuring that the installation
complies with current building and council regulations, and any costs incurred
in obtaining these consents will be payable by the customer.   All
such consents must be obtained prior to works commencing.

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